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Morning Musings: Phillies, Tebow, Basebrawls, & NXT!

By @MJL_52

Good morning every….body! Sorry I just had to do it!  If you’ve listened into the “new” 97.5 The Fanatic that is the greeting you now get from Anthony Gargano.  I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with The Cuz so I’m not going to jump to judgement on the new show just yet.  I’ll give it another few weeks and then I’ll share my thoughts with the 2 people that read the site.  Now let’s move on to the important stuff…the “Morning Musings.”

I’ve finally settled into a new job and it will allow me to do a lot of different things such as actually contributing to my own site!  Morning Musings will focus on really just about anything but will still focus mainly on Philadelphia sports and of course some pro ‘rasslin’! Right now I’m thinking about a Monday, Wednesday, Friday type of thing but we shall see.  Anyway, let’s do it!

c/o zimbio

c/o zimbio

Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom!

17,097. Look at that figure, take it in, take a deep breathe, does it make you as angry as it makes me? That’s the attendance from yesterday’s 9-1 Phillies loss at Citizens Bank Park.  It’s also the lowest crowd in the history of CBP and the lowest since June, 4 2003 (I’m pretty sure I was at this game with my buddy Jay) when the Phils had a whopping 16,232 at the Vet.   Three seasons ago this team was averaging 40,000-plus per game and now it’s all gone to shit.  Way to go guys! I’m looking at you RAJ and company.  How does a “large market” team allow this to happen?! It’s disgraceful.

c/o Philadelphia Eagles Twitter @Eagles

c/o Philadelphia Eagles Twitter @Eagles

Tebow Time!

What’s the big deal about signing Tim Tebow?  If Tebow is the Eagles starting quarterback at any point this upcoming season then the Birds are dead in the water.  He’s obviously here because Chip Kelly see’s something in Tebow that a lot of other teams didn't.  It’s the intangibles that you don’t see on the field.  Tebow has been a winner at every level and by all accounts is a vocal locker room leader.  Football teams need guys like that.  The Eagles need that! They haven't since Brian Dawkins, who still hasn't been replaced at safety!  Call it the Rudy-effect if you would.  If Tebow busts his ass in practice, the weight room, and the playbook it will show.  Stuff like that rubs off on other players.  Frankly, I get it and I’m on board...for now.


(Fantasy) Baseball Is Back!




The day before the Super Bowl, the culmination of the National Football League’s season, I stopped into a local supermarket, and was pleasantly surprised to see a sign of things to come:

A fantasy baseball magazine.

558 Scouting Reports!  Ballpark Power Index!  Sleepers!  Busts! Mock Draft!  Mike Trout #1 Pick!  It was in those 148 pages of awesomeness!

Now that this football nonsense is over, it’s time to get serious about sports.

In less than two weeks, equipment trucks filled with gloves, jerseys, sunflower seeds, and jock straps will hit the road, foul lines will be sprayed on, bleacher lights will shine, and pitchers and catchers will report to Florida and Arizona, a spring training prelude to the 2015 Major League Baseball season.

And, in the next few weeks, as I have done for over 10 years, I will sit down with my dad, and cousins, and draft players for my fantasy team, Musial’s Men.

I have never come close to winning my league, but this year, it’s my year.  I can feel it.

As we do an auction draft, we have so much money to draft players, so it’s important to spend wisely:  do I splurge on Clayton Kershaw, or try to get two lesser starting pitchers for the same amount of money, say, James Shields and Michael Wacha?  Do I build around an ace pitcher like Kershaw, or do I go for the home run/RBI/stolen base potential of Trout?

For the last few years, my family league has instituted a Keeper system, meaning that we can retain so many players from the previous year.  This year, I have decisions to make:  do I keep 2nd baseman Jason Kipnis, who had a rough, injury-laden year but is still in the top four at his position?  Will outfielder Yoenis Cespedes play well in Detroit?  Will Jose Abreu add to his Rookie of the Year 2014 season, or endure a sophomore slump?

What about Corey Kluber, who won 18 games, had a 1.44 ERA, and struck out 269 en route to the American League Cy Young?

As I’m not sure if any of my competitors are reading this, even though I hope they are, because, support (hi, cousin Mike and aunt Carolina!), I will not divulge any of my intentions for this year.

But I’m getting ready.  The war room of Musial’s Men is preparing for the draft.

But, the draft is just a small part of my excitement.  Baseball’s coming back, ladies and gentleman!







Doc’s Diagnosis: Guys I Want To See In The Rumble Match…#3!

By The Doc

Happy Royal Rumble weekend mothas!  This is one of the best weekends on the wrestling calendar because of all the surprise that usually abound with the Rumble match itself.  We’re winding down the guys that I, The Doc, want to see in the Rumble match.  I’ve changed things up a bit and will give you my #1 & #2 choices combined tomorrow.  Why did I change things up?!? Well, WWE threw a curveball by announcing that WrestleMania 32 will be held in Dallas.  With Trips in charge you can tell that WWE is thinking about things in advance.  But are they thinking a year-plus in advance? I don’t know but one can hope!  That leads me into the #3 guy I want to see in the Royal Rumble.  Hell, I want to see this guy back on WWE in some capacity but a Royal Rumble appearance in a big time PRO WRESTLING city would just be awesome. WHAT? I said it would be awesome! What?


Doc’s Diagnosis: Guys I Want To See In The Rumble Match…#4

By The Doc

The Royal Rumble match is about getting cheap pops just as much as it is about getting a guy into the main event spot for WrestleMania.  Part of the allure to the match is seeing who is going to come back and where WWE can take them after they do.  Since WWE announced that next year’s ‘Mania is going to be in Dallas they better start booking now.  They’re going to have to bring fire power to JerryWorld to get 100,000 people in the joint.  Bring this guy in this year and build out to something awesome next year!


Doc’s Diagnosis: Guys I Want To See In The Rumble Match…#5!

WWE-Royal-Rumble-Logo-WallpaperBy The Doc…I don’t have to paint my face like the Ascension to be relevant!

If you haven’t read the other installments of this series then shame on you!  Shameless plug check them out here, here, here, & here.  Now the Royal Rumble is drawing closer and the rumor mill is starting to heat up in regards to “surprise” entrants.  Hell, I think the WWE read my last piece to be honest with you!  It’s like that time Eric Bischoff stole my idea for a fall PPV name (you know what I mean Iceman!?!?).  Anyway, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to have a bit of a sing-a-long at the WWE Royal Rumble.  What do you think?  Ole?


Doc’s Diagnosis: Guys I Want To See In The Rumble Match #6

WWE-Royal-Rumble-Logo-WallpaperBy The Doc...I'm Too Sexy For Twitter

Sometimes you just have to prove your worth around here!  That's right I'm back for another entrant in my series of "Guys I Want To See In The Rumble Match."  Just when I thought I couldn't come up with a guy better than my previous selection, which you can see HERE, I out do myself!  But first I have a question for you…what happens when you combine a price, a warrior, and a demon king?  You get my number six surprise entrant I want to see in the Royal Rumble match.


Doc’s Diagnosis: 7 Guys I Want To See In The Royal Rumble Match

WWE-Royal-Rumble-Logo-WallpaperBy The Doc ....I'm too good for Twitter!

I was gonna give you 20 guys that I wanted to see in the Royal Rumble match but I got caught up doing some other things. Forgive me if I haven’t been able to write for my esteemed fan base! Mike and company have been gracious enough to allow me to come back and give you the SEVEN guys that I want to see in the 2015 Royal Rumble match. If you missed my first couple of guys, they don’t count towards my new list, check them out here. [Editors Note: We always love having the Doc as a contributor and I’ve even coerced him into writing a Rumble preview.]

On to #7…


MONDAY MUSINGS: Bostick’s Bumble, Tom Terrific, RAJ-Hamels Quandary (Great Word!), & Rocky 87?!?

By Michael Lipinski @MJL_52

Here are some thoughts for your Monday.  Enjoy!

Brandon Bostick fumbles away a chance at the Super Bowl. C/O:

Brandon Bostick fumbles away a chance at the Super Bowl. C/O:


It’s the mantra that every football coach lives by and it’s constantly driven into the minds of their players. If every one of the eleven players on the field does their job as dictated the play, the team, hell the season will be successful. It’s easy to call Brandon Bostick a goat but bottom line is the guy went into business for himself and it cost the Packers dearly. A lot of pundits have said the Packers were on their way to losing the game regardless. I call bullshit. If Bostick does his job the game most likely ends there and the wonderful people of Green Bay (seriously people from Wisconsin are nice as can be!) are celebrating yet another Super Bowl berth.


Doc’s Diagnosis: 20 Guys I Want To See In The Royal Rumble Match! #19

WWE-Royal-Rumble-Logo-WallpaperThe Doc

I’m back and I’m better than ever! Honestly, I love Eric Bischoff’s WWE entrance theme. I don’t know why but I think it’s catchy as hell and played to his character. They don’t make entrance music like that anymore. Speaking of entrance music (HINT, HINT) here’s another contestant I’d love to see in the Royal Rumble match.

On to #19…


Doc’s Diagnosis: 20 Guys I Want To See In The Royal Rumble! #20

The Doc

Well, well, well!  It’s about time the knuckleheads that run this site have given me access to tell all of you the truth about wrestling! You’ve been clamoring for months, begging in fact, for Section 247 to bring back The Doc.  Well, you want him and now you’ve got him! It seems like this site needed a little boost so they decided to bring in the best wrestling writer in the world to entertain your candyasses!  With that being said let’s get to the topic at hand…the 2015 Royal Rumble.  For the next 20 days I’m going to treat you to the 20 guys that I’d love to see enter the Royal Rumble match [Editors Mike's Note: I’m sorry but the people have been asking for a Diagnosis so we’ve decided to give them one! All of Doc’s wrestlers are current guys who may or may not be signed to WWE contracts.  Oh yeah, his opinions are his own.].  Let’s kick it with #20!