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Today in Philadelphia Sports History: 9/18/1903 Phillies Chick Fraser No-Hits Chicago

chick-fraser-hit-the-most-batters-in-baseball-historyOn this date in 1903 Phillies pitcher ChickFraser no hit the Chicago Cubs.  Fraser, who ranks 2nd all-time in hit batters (219), was supported by a 10 run Phillies offesnive outburst.  Fraser played from 1899 to 1904 in Philadelphia mostly with the Phillies.


If Healthy, the Phils Should Take a Look at Madson

By Michael Lipinski     (@MJL_52)

It’s no secret that the Phillies are going to have to get creative this offseason when it comes to signing players.  That’s unless they’re able to find some poor schmuck who will take their larg contracts that are tied to aging veterans with zero upside.  Exactly, it’s highly unlikely.  Ruben and company are going to have make like the Oakland A’s and spend creatively to fix the outfield, starting rotation, and the bullpen, particularly the bullpen.  That’s a lot to ask of a guy who’s used to spending like a middle-aged divorcee.  However, there seems to be a solution on the market for a piece of the ‘pen.

 Since the Phillies need to be smart about their dollars they might want to turn to a bit of a rebuilding project.  Let’s say there’s a 33-year old, former set-up man and closer, who was very successful the last time he pitched a full season, 2.37ERA/ 32SV/ 62K /16BB/60.2IP, and has a playoff pedigree, 2.31ERA/43K/10BB/1.229WHIP/35IP.  That’s some pretty good numbers right there.  Of course there’s a catch, this player is coming off of a season that was cut short because he was he was recovering from Tommy John surgery and he hasn’t pitched since 2011.  Signing a player of this type would probably cost the Phillies next to nothing and would most like be an incentive laden deal.  It’s risky but something a team strapped for cash and pitching should look at right?  Right!  That player exists, his name is Ryan Madson and the Phillies should think about bringing him back in 2014. 


Doc’s Diagnosis: AJ Styles “Departure” is Best for TNA’s Business

AJ Styles will defend the TNA World Title elsewhere.  Photo: Bleacher Report

AJ Styles will defend the TNA World Title elsewhere. Photo: Bleacher Report

By Michael Lipinski     (@MJL_52)

Let’s try to block out all of the background noise and distraction for a moment and excuse me while I make a phone call to Panda Energy.  The creative brains behind TNA have made one of the best moves in recent memory with AJ Styles.  Having AJ Styles “leave” with the World Heavyweight Championship is a brilliant and bold move that WWE was afraid to do with CM Punk.  Before the WWE marks get on me about this let me clarify what I mean.  The WWE dropped the ball with the “Summer of Punk” storyline by not having him show up in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, or wherever with the WWE Championship.  It could’ve been epic and that’s exactly what TNA is going for.  Surprisingly enough TNA is making a move that is “best for business” whether that business will be around to see the payoff that’s another story for another day.  Here are a few ways the AJ Styles “departure” can help TNA.

Hitting the Reset Button

Remember when WCW decided to strip all of their champions and “start over.”  That was an epic failure that really signaled the end of the company.  Thank God that TNA has decided to not follow that formula.  Having Styles leave the company with the most prestigious title in the company makes for a compelling storyline that should have a great payoff.  It also allows TNA to start over and go in a different direction with their product.  TNA will be able to take some of their existing stars and build them to up to be great; a well built and compelling championship tournament will do this.  It’s also an opportunity for new faces to make an impact (pun intended) and build a solid mid-card division to accent guys like Hardy, Aries, Bully Ray, and Angle who will clearly be at the top of the card.  TNA should to build an ultimate heel champion, who will be promoted as the real World Champion (remember that one?), and eventually feud with a returning AJ Styles. 

Use Cross-Promotion


The Morning After: Eagles Defeat Hapless Giants, Tied for the Division Lead

It wasn’t the prettiest but a win is a win.  The Eagles improved to 2-3 after Sunday’s 36-21 win over the New York Giants and are tied for first place in the NFC Least East.  Nick Foles, who filled in admirably for the injured Michael Vick, threw two fourth quarter touchdowns.  The much maligned Eagles defense did their part forcing four turnovers including three interceptions of Eli Manning.  Two of those turnover turned into Eagles touchdowns.  The Eagles will travel the Tampa for next Sunday’s match up against the sinking ship (like the pun?!?) that is the Tampa Bay Fightin’ Schiano’s Buccaneers. 

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly from Sunday’s victory. 

The Good

Eagles Offense under Nick Foles- Foles took over for Vick at 1:33 mark of the second quarter and promptly led the Eagles to a field goal.  It took Foles most of the 3rd quarter to find a rhythm but when he did the offense, particularly the passing game, began to click.  Foles threw touchdown passes to Brent Celek and DeSean Jackson.  His pass to Jackson was a beautiful 5-yard pass to the corner of the end zone, a throw that Michael Vick doesn’t make. 

Alex Henery- Henery turned in a 5-for-5 FG performance after going 7-for-10 through the first four games of the season.  There were talks that Henery could be out of a job but that should be put to bed after his performance in the not-so-kicker friendly New Giants Metlife Stadium.

The Bad

Eagles Secondary- It’s tough to say the Eagles secondary had a bad day when they forced three interceptions but it wasn’t the greatest day ever.  They still allowed Eli Manning to throw for 334-yards and two touchdowns, which at the time swung momentum back to the Giants in the 3rd quarter.  The Eagles once again allowed a 100-yard receiver, Hakeem Nicks caught nine passes for 142-yards.  Rubin Randle burned the Eagles secondary for 96-yards and two touchdowns. 

The Ugly

Eagles Redzone Offense- Once again the Birds offense struggled to put 7-points on the board when they get into the redzone.  Two early drives came to a screeching halt and the Eagles were forced to settle for field goals.  This is becoming a common theme for the Eagles and it’s not good.


Out of Jam: Flyers Fire Lavy

c/o the Flyers

c/o the Flyers

By Section 247 Sports Staff

Well that didn’t take long.  According to, the Flyers have fired head coach Peter Laviolette.  Craig Berube will take over as the team’s head coach.  The Flyers have sent out a press release announcing an 11am press conference to presumably make the move official.


The Morning After: Eagles WOW Everyone!


Run! Run! Run!  Photo Credit:

Run! Run! Run!
Photo Credit:

By Michael Lipinski

Welcome to the first “Morning After” of the 2013-14 Philadelphia Eagles season.  Please give me a moment because I’m a bit winded after last night’s game.  In fact I think I might go run a few forty-yard dashes just so I can try to keep up with the Eagles.  For the first time in over a decade, see Owens, Terrell, the Eagles offense had a “wow” factor.  Wow, that’s an apt description for what happened last night in Landover, Maryland. 

“Speed’s what we need, we need greasy, fast speed!”

Most experts expected Chip Kelly’s offense to be high tempo but not many expected it to be run at supersonic speeds.  If you watched a lot of Oregon, and I did because I have a college football problem, then you were fully aware of the breakneck speed at which the Ducks played.  It was hard to fathom the Eagles offense looking like Oregon.  In fact, most believed, myself included, that the Eagles offense would closely resemble New England.  Forget that, Kelly and the Eagles are poised to bring PAC-12 football to the NFL.

The Eagles ran a remarkable 54 plays in the first half.  The Birds first 20 plays resulted in ten points in a mere 5:53 and that includes a debatable fumble on the first drive.  They were on pace to run well over 100 plays before Kelly took his foot off the gas in the 2nd half.  At times the offense looked to be moving at a frantic yet controlled pace.  Will the Eagles be able to continue running the supersonic offense for 16-games…that my friends is the question.


Michael Young traded to Los Angeles Dodgers

photo c/o

photo c/o


By Section 247 Sports Staff

In a move that could have happened anytime in the last three months Michael Young has finally waived his no trade clause and is being sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The move was first reported by Fox Sports insider Ken Rosenthal, who stated that Young, a childhood Dodgers fan, decided to finally waive his NTC to join a playoff race.

The official trade reads Philadelphia Phillies send Michael Young and cash to the Los Angeles Dodgers for left handed pitcher Rob Rasmussen.

ESPN's Keith Law explains Rasmussen as "fringe prospect who could turn into a lefty specialist.  Has a decent curveball but poor command."


Charlie Manuel Out as Manager

We will always have 2008 c/o

We will always have 2008 c/o

By Section 247 Sport Staff

The Philadelphia Phillies have schedule a vague press conference for 2:30 pm.  I had hopes that management finally would see the through the koolaid in their hero General Manager Ruben Amaro JR, instead we get the firing of the greatest manager in the teams history Charlie Manuel.

Ruben is using Manuel as a scapegoat for his continued mistakes in trades and free agency.  I'm sorry that pisses me off!  Sure Charlie had his flaws as a manager, i'm not debating that, but Amaro's inefficiencies as a GM handcuffed Charlie beyond belief.

Charlie ends his career in Philly just after achieving the great career mark of 1000 wins.  It's clear that Amaro was waiting for this achievement to can Charlie.  Realistically Phillies fans knew this day was coming but most had hope Charlie would have been given the respect to end the year, but that didn't happen.  Ryne Sandberg will take over in the interim.

Charlie's record with the Phillies was 780 wins and 636 losses for a .551 winning percentage and one magical season in 2008 capped by winning the World Series.

Amaro can no longer hide.  This was his last wild card in his hand.  He fired his scapegoat so from here on out the only person left to blame is himself.  And we all know that will never happen!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Michael Young Clears Waivers, Let the Trade Speculation Begin

photo c/o

photo c/o

By Michael Lipinski     @MJL_52

Don’t read too much into this but, as reported by Peter Gammons, Michael Young has cleared waivers.  What does this mean?  It could mean absolutely nothing but it allows the Phillies to negotiate a trade with any team in baseball.  Young had agreed to waive his no trade clause for the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers but no trades materialized despite various rumors.


Sources: Utley, Phillies Agree to 2-Year, $27 Million Extension

Could Chase Utley be close to returning?

As first reported by CSN's Jim Salisbury, the Phillies and Chase Utley have agreed to a 2-year contract extension.  CBS Sports Jon Heyman has chimed in and reports that the Utley deal is worth $27 million over the two years.

More as it becomes available.